Casa Palm Kantha Quilt - Grey
Casa Palm Kantha Quilt - Grey
Casa Palm Kantha Quilt - Grey

Casa Palm Kantha Quilt - Grey

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Words cannot describe the workmanship and love that goes into each and every one of our Casa Palm Kantha Quilts.

From the moment we picked the prints, we wanted to create an element of simple elegance to bring into your home.

All our quilts are hand stamped and the back is hand blocked. They are all hand stitched with a fine stitch called Kantha. 

No two quilts are the same as each one is made individually and they are not perfect as a result. We truly believe that this adds something special to our quilts. Some threads may seem broken and continued on but this is the process of the Kantha stitching.

As the quilts are hand stamped there will be variations in the ink colour but to us that just adds that special characteristic to your own piece of simple elegance.

Our quilts are the perfect weight for our hot summer months as they are two layer and very light.

Available in two sizes: Queen: 220cms x 270cms

                                       King:  270cms x 270cms


All the colours are naturally made (no chemicals added) and are eco friendly.

Gentle machine wash and line dry only. These are not to be put in the dryer.

100% Indian Cotton

No pillowcases